Will Valorant Kill Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

For almost a decade Counter Strike Global Offensive has been the top video game when it comes to competitive shooting games. The first person shooter game was initially developed as a mod to the game half-life, it then took off with CS:GO version 1.6 and became a household name. Moreover, in 2012 Valve, the gaming company behind Steam, launched Counter Strike: Global Offensive the latest and greatest Counter Strike running on their Source game engine. Since then it has been the number one game of the competitive FBS genre. However, could we be witnessing the end of this era?

A new video game is going to be launched this year that might actually spell the end to the era of CS:GO. The game we are talking about is “Valorant”. Another gaming giant, Riot Games, develops this game; they developed League of Legends a household name when it comes to MOBAs, league of legends has more than 100 million players currently and the number keeps growing as we speak. A gaming giant in their own right, Riot Games has the experience and the resources to compete with Valve and CS:GO. But can the new game actually kill CS: GO? Early gameplay footage shows that this new game can actually manage to do that; the graphics look amazing, the characters look great, the gameplay looks really fun. And on top of that it seems to be inspired by CS:GO 1.6, the version of the original mod that made Counter Strike a household name in the first place. This game is going to give Valve and Counter Strike: Global Offensive a good run for their money, you don’t believe me? Here is one of the top CS:GO YouTubers pretty much affirming what we just said:

“Valorant” is expected to come out this summer. We are just going to have to wait and see if this new game can create the impact that everyone is anticipating, or it might flop just like other games who tried to take Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s throne.

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