How Music Evolved From 1400 BC to This Day

While everyone is locked in their homes and boredom is killing us, we at had no better place to go to but YouTube and came across this very interesting video:

Seeing, or better yet hearing, the evolution of music is fascinating. In the past most of the music, of course, would be classified under classical music and as time progressed new genres of music were introduced. In the modern era we have a plethora of genres as it is obvious in the video. It seems like the past 20 or 30 years the music industry has exploded with so many genres and variations accommodating to the ever-changing musical taste of the public. Some people of course will likely judge modern-day music and say that music has gotten worse over time but that’s not true and while yes we might have some really bad music, that might just be the result of having a lot more music. You see, if the variety of music is ever evolving and expanding then bad music will be expanding with it. And to someone who’s not paying attention it might seem that music is getting worse. In addition, another question that we should tackle is what music is going to sound like in the future? Are we going to see new genres that we have never seen before? Genres mixing with each other? It is a fascinating topic when you start thinking about it. The trend that seems to be starting to affect all forms of art not just music is abstraction; we seem to be getting art that is more conceptual and tends to convey more meaning by showing or dealing with less objects. This might be the future of music: more abstraction and less fluff.

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