How Music Evolved From 1400 BC to This Day

While everyone is locked in their homes and boredom is killing us, we at had no better place to go to but YouTube and came across this very interesting video: Seeing, or better yet hearing, the evolution of music is fascinating. In the past most of the music, of

5 Cheapest Countries to Live in, In The Year 2020

The year 2020 has been a weird year, it started normal but then things began to get a little bit rocky. First, we got the coronavirus, which pretty much halted the world economy; people are staying home, an economic depression is on the horizon and the oil prices are in

Will Valorant Kill Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

For almost a decade Counter Strike Global Offensive has been the top video game when it comes to competitive shooting games. The first person shooter game was initially developed as a mod to the game half-life, it then took off with CS:GO version 1.6 and became a household name. Moreover,